After my recent post, Organic vs Local Food – does it really matter to you? and the question that I posed in the posts title, I came across a new documentary film that interestingly poses a similar question.


‘What’s Organic About Organic’ tells the story of the organic farming sector through six individuals who are all involved in differing aspects of the organic community. Covering the story from farm fields to government meetings and industry trade shows , the film delves into the debates that have arisen as a grassroots agricultural movement evolves into a booming international market.

The first film by producer/director Shelley Rogers, ‘What’s Organic About Organic’ looks at the complex world of organic farming, and the challenges that family farmers face in the global organic marketplace, and the often-confusing regulations that govern it all. 

Seeking to spark thought-provoking questions, it tries to show that there are no easy answers to such questions as: What is the true cost of our food?  and Which is better—local or organic?

You can watch the 1 minute trailer here.


The participants include

Jim Gardner, a certified organic dairy farmer who distributes products under the Organic Valley label;

John Goryzynski, a formerly certified organic vegetable farmer who markets directly to happy vegetable customers at NY Union Square Greenmarket

Marty Mesh former advocate and FOG executive director (that’s Florida Certified Organic Growers and Consumers);

Urvashi Rangon, PhD, an environmental health scientist and consumer advocate, Consumers Union, who developed both and websites; 

Greg Swartz, a farmer and NOFA-NY executive director (that’s Northeast Organic Farming Assn of N.Y ).

What do you think? I’m looking forward to seeing the whole documentary.

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  1. Hi, my name is Emily, and I am happily interning with Jurlique. We are a biodynamic skin-care company with over 150 acres of certified biodynamic farmland in Adelaide, Australia. I came across your blog about biodynamic farming practices and see that we have common interests! It’s so encouraging to see other groups also moved by biodynamic values! Please let me know if you ever need anything, we would love to continue a relationship!

  2. Thanks for the links. I swung over to “Best Green Blogs” and they have some very good (quality) sites. I’ve got some reading to do!
    Alter the Eco!

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