As an outsider watching the current US election campaign (are we there yet?) and a keen supporter of Al Gore's We Can Solve It initiative, I can't help but really wonder how different our world would be if Al Gore had won the election eight years ago, and George W and his cronies in Florida had not perverted the course of history.

The following video is a piece that aired in the US tonight after the Obama telecast, and is an edited version of the challenge that former Vice President Gore issued in July 2008.

Titled 'Al Gore's Challenge to Repower America' it's short, sharp and a clear indication of what we need as Western society to lead the way out of the very deep and dark hole we are blindly going down.

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Given that Australia's position as a provider/supplier of 'carbon' to the world, and as a nation has one of the largest 'greenhouse gas footprints', we need to follow this message too.

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