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Interested in becoming a farmer, or want to dip your toe in the water to see if it’s for you? Our volunteer program are for those serious about exploring life on the land, whilst the Wwoof and HelpX programs offer shorter length opportunities for you.

Volunteer at Near River

We are committed to passing on our knowledge, and offer a volunteer program at Near River. These are wide ranging in the scope of areas covered, and can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Lasting for up to four months, you spend your days involved in all aspects of our operations here at Near River, allowing you to experience life on a working farm.

Primarily focusing on fresh vegetable and pork production, over the four months all facets of a range of crops will be covered, from soil preparation, seedling production and succession planting, harvesting and preparing for market. Similarly the way the animals fit into our rotations and the role that they play will be covered.

The marketing side of our business will also be able to be experienced, as each team member will be encouraged to participate in farmers markets, farm gate sales and on-farm events. Online marketing and sales also play a large part in our business.

Volunteer positions are for people who are keenly interested in learning about life on a farm and how to have that life produce a sustaining income whilst producing nutrient dense food for your community, and heal the land whilst doing so.

We have two intakes each year, the first being at the beginning of Spring, commencing in late August and running through until mid December. The second intake is for Summer, and commences in early January and runs through until April. However we understand that your life might not yet fit around the seasons, so give us a call or drop us a note to start a discussion and we’ll be happy to see what we can have work. Each week consists of a variety of tasks spread across five days, with two days off aside from minor chores.

Near River Produce is a 8.5 hectare property located 4.5 hours north of Sydney, 45 kms inland from Port Macquarie. Wauchope is the nearest town.

We farm organically and follow many of the principles of Eliot Coleman and Joel Salatin. Our produce supplies some of the region’s leading restaurants, and we participate in a weekly Sydney market.

You will need to be physically fit – this is hard work, but you will eat some of the best food you’ve ever grown and tasted, and at the end of each day you will be very aware of what you have accomplished. And your knowledge bank will be expanded enormously.

Contact us for further information and include any queries that you may have.

Wwoofers and HelpXers

Not quite ready to commit to a three or four month program? We participate in the Wwoof and HelpX programs that allow travellers, both Australian and international, to spend time on farms and experience the lifestyle.

Near River Produce - Real food direct from our farm located on the NSW Mid North Coast