Beech Plateua walk amendedHi.

I stopped blogging for a month or so. And it wasn't intentional to be for any specific length of time. I just got that I was posting each day because I said that's what I would do, and the quality of the posts were suffering. So I stopped for a bit.

But now I'm back!

What's been happening in the meantime?

Well, ABC refused to air the Al Gore 'Repower America' advert (so much for freedom of speech!) and we've chosen to commence taking our produce to families and homes in Sydney!

And I spent a week or so 'under canvas' in the World Heritage listed Werrikimbe National Park, walking through some awesome cool temperate Antarctic Beech rainforests. Very inspiring and humbling stuff.

Over the next few months you'll see the posts on this site start to lean more towards food and nutrition, with a little less about the environment and climate change (well maybe not that much less!)

Anyway, for those of you who enquired where I'd gone or what had happened or how much you enjoy reading my writings, a BIG THANKS.

And as always your comments are more than welcome.

The images are from the rainforests of Werrikimbe.

Beech Plateua walk amended 2Beech Plateau walk amended 3Beech Plateau walk amended 5 Beech Plateau walk amended 4 Stokes lookout walk amended 1

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