A quick post today, and it’s on a cheerful note.

Four weeks ago, Brighter Planet launched the 350 Challenge to help bloggers raise awareness for the fight against global warming. The 350 Challenge ties in with Bill McKibben’s 350.org campaign that I wrote about in this earlier post 350 – the new magic number we all need to know

In return for posting about the 350 Challenge and leaving a link on your site, just like the badge in the left column on the Biodynamic Treechange blog, Brighter Planet would offset 350 pounds of CO 2 for each blogger who joined the challenge.

Seems we quickly rose to the challenge.

Yesterday Adam Rubin from Brighter Planet proudly announced that
"not only did we hit our goal, but we blew right past it. As of this
morning, over 400 bloggers are participating in the challenge."
Brighter Planet will now offset 140,000 pounds of CO 2 on behalf of
everyone who participated.

Due to the campaign’s success,
they’ve decided to leave it open for now, and will continue to offset
350 pounds of CO 2 for each new blogger who joins the fight. If you’d
like to contribute to raising awareness for the fight against global
warming, check it out here.

now working on some new, creative ways to continue raising awareness.
If you have any suggestions, Adam would love to hear them. 350challenge@brighterplanet.com

Thanks – an easy way to make a brighter planet.


  1. Thanks for letting us know about the alterations to your site address. All the links in this story have been updated.
    However, the story with the original links was picked up through Reuters and has been gaining quite a few visits. Doubt that they will alter the links in their copy, but you can see it here – http://tinyurl.com/5g7thx
    Thanks again and keep up your great work.

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