Do You Want The Best Tasting Food? Start Saving Your Seeds.

Collecting and germinating your own seed has many many benefits, and is quite easy to arrange. This enables you to breed plants that have desirable qualities, a practice known as selective breeding, and as successive crops will have been acclimatised to your particular site, each following year will provide plants that are suited a little better to your specific conditions.

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Who is Mary Washington anyway?

I love fresh asparagus. And the thought of growing our own, for us and our CSA shareholders sends a tingle down my spine. Now I knew that the planting bed for the asparagus needed special preparation, and given that these guys produce for 20 years once they are in place, it makes sense to put in a bit of extra effort.

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Rhubarb and Nana’s delicious crumble

I must confess that my green thumb can be tracked back to my grandfather, a consummate gardener and grower of great vegetables. So it is with some reverence and joy that we planted our rhubarb bed out on the weekend, as while Pa grew the vegetables, Nana made a great rhubarb crumble, and always loved eating it too.

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