New Farming Opportunity Now Open at Near River

Ideally these internships are for people who are keenly interested in learning about life on a smallholding and how to have that life produce a sustaining income whilst producing nutrient dense food for our community, and heal the land at the same time.

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Spring’s here. And so is great tasting new season produce!

It’s been sometime since I last posted on this blog – almost 18 months – and I could go on and explain why, blaming extra work on the farm for keeping me away from the blog. I guess the reality is that it lost it’s attraction. But now ...

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Buzzing Bees and Lush Perfume Herald Spring’s Arrival

These easy to grow small trees generally provide fruit through the cooler parts of the year, and given their high vitamin C content, and it's use in prevention of colds and flu, the winter bounty they provide is timely. However, by planting a range of different cultivars within each species, you can lengthen your harvest period extensively.

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