350. The new magic number we all need to know.

Over the next two and a half years, we, the nations of the world, are supposed to negotiate the level of greenhouse gas emissions that we as a unified globe will commit to accepting. That is the level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere that we believe to be acceptable to allow us to continue to live sustainably on the planet.

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Can You Justify Flying ‘Fresh’ Asparagus Half Way Around the World?

The concept is quite simple in that a group of people band together and purchase 'shares' in the produce from a farmer for a given season from that farmer's particular farm. The 'shareholders' pay for the year, or part thereof, in advance, thereby confirming the price for their vegetables and/or fruit for the ensuing period. The farmer is provided with the funds to acquire the materials necessary to produce the various crops, and can concentrate on growing the harvest having done the bulk of the marketing.

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Near River Produce - Real food direct from our farm located on the NSW Mid North Coast