Do We Need a New Organic Standard?

At the present time, there are seven certifying bodies in Australia, all with their own standards, certifying criteria, and logos, which makes it extremely confusing for every day consumers to know exactly what is organic. The other problem is that anyone can use the term organic on a product regardless of the processes involved in it's production, and whether or not the processes have been performed by any certified practitioners. This is hardly a good state of affairs. As you can imagine, with such a diverse range of entities and the individual agendas of each, reaching any sort of agreement between these bodies was going to take some time and a large amount of diplomacy. But it is pleasing to say that the end is in sight.

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Soil and health’s true Samaritan

Given that organic agriculture is based on the way society has been farming for centuries, it stands to reason that some of the older publications will contain a few forgotten 'secrets' and 'gems' of wisdom, or even just detail a practice and the reason for following a particular course of action. And while the library contains some older jewels, there are even some rather recent 'out-of-print' titles that clearly need to be available.

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