It’s been sometime since I last posted on this blog – almost 18 months – and I could go on and explain why, blaming extra work on the farm for keeping me away from the blog. I guess the reality is that it lost it’s attraction. But now that has passed, and I have quite a few things to tell you a;; about – goings on here at the farm, and matters throughout the world that are important, or important to me!.

Over the coming weeks and months you’ll see how matters have progressed at Near River.

And to restart proceedings, here’s what we’ve been having for brunch the last few mornings.

Fresh field grown asparagus drizzled with spring garlic sautéed in butter

with poached organic free range chook eggs

Asparagus w spring garlic   poached egg

Doesn’t that just make your mouth water?

We planted this asparagus 3 years ago and it’s so good now to be able to wander out to the market garden and grab it fresh. You can read about our first asparagus planting at Who is Mary Washington anyway?

The spring (or green) garlic are the ‘thinning's’ from the garlic plantings, plants that are too small to form decent bulbs, and they have a wonderful garlic aroma but lack the intensity of the fully grown and dried variety. A very subtle flavour indeed.

And our poached eggs – what can I say? I never grow tired of our eggs, with the yolks so bright and golden and the whites with that creamy texture in your mouth – so delicious.

Obviously our superb eggs are available with our vegetables in the weekly CSA boxes that will start again next week.

However, If you just want possibly the best eggs you’ll ever taste, in Port Macquarie you’ll find them at Essential Ingredients in Short Street and Organic Belly in Murray Street. Sydney ciders can venture into Cafe 169 on Alison Road in Randwick.

That’s all for now.


  1. First of all those mulberries look deociilus. Second of all, I just read your entry from yesterday and let out a few bitter sweet chuckles. I felt like you were reading my mind. I also live in suburban Melbourne and am surrounded by people who faintly smile at my efforts, but generally think I am a nutcase, who is just making hard work for myself (recycling too many things, being vegetarian, making my own bread, buying second hand in stead of brand new etc.). Sometimes I almost think people are looking down on me like I am trying to create a problem that is not there just to give myself something to do. But the truth is, I would never have it any other way. Every positive choice I make makes me feel happier and freer and makes me confident that I am raising my child to be a conscientious and responsible human being. On the other hand, every “wrong” choice I make (getting last minute take-away or forgetting my reusable water bottle and caving into buying a plastic one) drives and pushes me to try harder the next time because I don’t want to experience the guilt or live in denial of the impact I have on the earth. I am sure there are lots of us out there trying to do our thing. There was bound to be one other person at that party who was thinking the same thing as you… I would have been. xo Meagan.

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