Is this how to market organic produce?

Do you think it's fabulous or worrying? I can't decide.


What I do know though is that Yeo Valley have hit the mark so much better than this lame attempt by Woolworths.


But then what can you expect from a company that believes it's claim to sell fresh food is accurate.

  1. Hello from Sharon McNary in the KPCC newsroom at Southern California Public Radio. We’ve got a new garden page and we’re asking people to describe how a garden is changing their lives. There’s also a place to upload photos of gardeners and their best produce photos. Hope you enjoy it! Here’s the link:
    Thanks very much,
    Sharon McNary
    Public Insight Journalism at KPCC

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  3. Hi nice post. Even city people would find the post immensely interesting. Not everyone is familiar with the goings on in a farm environment. Its own problems, challenges and fun as well. This post gives us in a glimpse of that. In fact that is what I saw jump at me when I read this. Thanks for the informative post.
    Makes good reading!
    Joost Hoogstrate

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