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Many chefs consider trotters their secret ingredient — these assemblages of skin, bones, fat and connective tissue are like sticks of dynamite, a small package with a huge amount of flavor. While trotters do lack significant amounts of meat they have extraordinary quantities of fat and gelatin which assure that any dish they are used in will have a lip-sticking quality.

Pig’s trotters can be braised, stewed, baked, roasted, or cooked in other way you wish. It’s important to cook pork trotters slowly, and for a long time, to ensure that the meat tenderises. Once the meat is falling from the bone, the pork trotters are ready to be served. Also trotters are ideal for creating nourishing stock and broth.

Comes in cryovac packs.

Chinese Pork Trotters in Vinegar Stew


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