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Near River pasture raised pork has a flavour that you may not have tasted in sometime. Our animals graze and root outdoors, and have a slower growth rate creating tender meat and healthy fat. No anti-biotics, no farrowing crates or sow stalls, no tail docking, just happy free ranging pigs.

Pasture raised pork cutlets come from the lean and tender muscle which runs along either side of the spine. It doesn’t do much work so this meat needs to be cooked gently for a short time. The loin is where the rack, cutlets, loin chops and the super tender loin fillet come from. The back fat on the outside of the muscle is good for melting down for lard or adding to sausages and salami. 

Available in cryovac packs of two (mainly)


Pork loin chops with Cinnamon Apples