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Superb pasture raised organic fed chicken eggs

Once you taste our eggs you will have difficulty eating any other, they are that good.

Our growing practices

To be clear, we are not certified organic. We deal directly with the end user of our produce and believe it is unwarranted for us, however were we to begin supplying wholesalers then we’d certainly go down that path.

What we do though is follow traditional organic methods – we collect green waste from the restaurants we supply and bring that back to the farm, mix it with grass clippings and poultry manure to make compost which after a suitable period is spread through the production plots and citrus groves, feeding the soil. We practice crop rotation which allows soil a rest period (fallow), means that pests and disease have less to impact, creates biodiversity within the farm, and has different nutrients taken from and returned to the soil ongoingly. We use cover crops to protect the soil between crops and provide green manure. The animals on the farm are often used to ‘clean’ and turn the production beds, and we use a variety of compost teas and allowed additives like fish emulsion as sprays on our plants.

Near River Produce - Real food direct from our farm located on the NSW Mid North Coast