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Salumi is Italian for salted and cured meats including pancetta, prosciutto, capocollo and salami (dry cured sausages).

Salumi making is the ancient artisan skill using whole pork muscle cuts, usually from female pigs, with salt, air and time to create delicious charcuterie.

We are pleased to offer the first in our Near River range, after partnering with De Palma Salumi in Campsie, where Antonio and Robbie are proud of their heritage and utilize family techniques that have been handed down through seven generations. Salt, herbs, spices and time are all that is used to create these delightful delicacies, with no nasties making them truely lollies for grownups.

The neck muscle is used for Capocollo; loin muscle for Lonza; the cheek for Guanciale; belly for Pancetta; and the leg for Prosciutto, with each having their own distinct flavour and texture.

Lonza is a very lean product and is eaten as is, in thin slices. A popular sandwich ingredient and can also be served as part of antipasti platters or as a pork carpaccio.

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