This excellent short piece encapsulates exactly what we are doing at Near River Produce – no factory feed lot industrialised farming for us, more pasture raised free range petro-chemical free nutrient dense foods.

Into the bargin, the video has Willie Nelson’s version of Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist’.




    • We had to take care of a fish today. Actually, the fish took care of itself. Our fish are very good at tkinag care of themselves. This one was called December, because we got her in December. The last one was called November. Tomorrow, we are going to get January. I draw the line at February. That is when we will get chooks! I like agro’s style![] Reply:January 8th, 2012 at 6:26 amThat is the funniest thing ever. I couldn’t stop laughing!! Love it hahahaha[]

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