Mahatma Gander 08.08 07Recently one of our neighbours heard that we were looking for some geese here at ‘Near River’, so their pair were promptly caught and I dropped in to them pick them up. Hey presto, now we have geese.

They are excellent foragers and during spring and summer require little additional supplemental feed. Often used for weed control in crops such as corn, cotton, ornamental plants, strawberries and sugarbeet, as well as in orchards and vineyards, geese will eat weeds without harming certain cultivated crops, however it is not known why geese do not eat certain crops. Another advantage of geese is that they are quick processors, leaving a good quantity of droppings as they move through the planting beds.

Geese become excited and noisy if confronted by intruders or strange
sounds and they respond by making a hissing sound, and for this reason
make good ‘watchdogs’. And their ‘honking’ noise is also quite

Unfortunately, we’ve become accustomed to the distinctive honking
sound. You see, during the first week at ‘Near River’, one of our new
arrivals didn’t settle in to her new surroundings. Late one afternoon
on the walk back their housing, Mrs Goose decided that the River looked
like a far better place to spend her time and promptly flapped her way
over the bank across to the other side. Despite my efforts to locate
her, and our gander, Mahatma’s (well what else would you call him?!!)
efforts to call her, Mrs Goose was gone, and has not been seen since.Mahatma Gander

Mahatma spends his days ruling over the market garden paddock,
keeping a watchful eye over the chooks in their run, and grazing on the
variety of weeds growing about the place.

We’ll pick up a new partner or two for him shortly, and trust that
the pairing will go well, as geese mate for life, which can be as long
as twenty years. To us he looks like a Greylag goose (Anser anser) or perhaps he is a Embden goose although they all appear to be white only.

It would be great to hear from some of you out there who know these things!

And we never did find out why our neighbours were in such a hurry to part with the pair in the first place.

image credit organic maven

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