Al Gore has never been shy when it comes to telling it like it is.

His latest campaign at We Can Solve It is pretty straight, too.

This post has been lifted from their site.


I’ve been deeply frustrated. I suspect a lot of you have been too.
We’re facing such huge challenges and all you hear through the media are demagogic chants like "drill, drill, drill."
energy prices. The climate crisis. Unravelling financial markets. Wars
that just happen to be in places with a lot of oil. These are all just
different faces of exactly the same thing. As I’ve said in the past,
we’re borrowing money from China to buy oil from the Persian Gulf to
burn it in ways that destroy the future of human civilization. And
every bit of that has to change.
We all know what we have to do. Ask
anybody on the street and they’ll tell you. We need to "Repower
America" — invest in ourselves, here at home, with clean, economical
energy technologies that we know work. And be the global leader as
these technologies take off around the world.
And ask anyone, and
they’ll also tell you why it isn’t happening: the oil and coal lobbies
— and the politicians who do their bidding.
It’s very simple.
the Alliance for Climate Protection has put together an ad that tells
this simple story. And we’re going to put it on national cable TV.
we can raise an additional $80,000 online, we’ll also put it on 60
Minutes and 20/20 this coming week. Wouldn’t that be great?
Can you help? Just go here:
Here’s the script:

The solution to our climate crisis seems simple.
Repower America with wind and solar.
End our dependence on foreign oil. A stronger economy.
So why are we still stuck with dirty and expensive energy?
Because big oil spends hundreds of millions of dollars to block clean energy.
Lobbyists, ads, even scandals.
All to increase their profits, while America suffers.
Breaking big oil’s lock on our government …
Now that’s change.
We’re the American people and we approve this message.

And you can view the ad on our donation page, here:
We’re taking on the oil and coal lobbies, because there’s simply no other choice. We need your help.
Al Gore

I told you it was very simple!

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