First CSA harvest 12.08 005That’s right, as the headline says, we’re having a one-off, mid-season intake. So you’ll need to leap at this opportunity. Read on for details.

We supply boxes of chemical-free, wholesome and nutritious vegetables each week to families in the Hastings Valley here on the Mid North Coast, and to families in Sydney, four and a half hours down the highway. This will continue through to the end of this year’s season in late June 2009, before the next season starts in September.

The produce is grown by us here on our 22 acre property, ‘Near River’, and by joining our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) venture, you’ll have a direct connection with who is growing your food, where it’s being grown, and how it’s being grown. And for some of us in this day of global food and beverage conglomerates, supply chains and over processed foodstuffs, this is very important.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is very popular in Japan, where it started in the mid-70’s, in Europe, and in America, where it continues to grow apace with over 2,000 CSA’s listed on various directories.For more information about US based CSA’s and the concept, Local Harvest is packed with details and links.

Here in Australia, CSA’s are yet to bloom, but we think their time has come, and we are looking to lead the way.

You can join our CSA, Near River Produce, by downloading and filling out either the Sydney brochure for people in Sydney’s northern, eastern and inner western suburbs, or the Hastings Valley brochure for people in the Port Macquarie and Wauchope region.

Further information can be found on this site by viewing earlier posts here, here and here, and by visiting the Near River Produce page. Readers from other Australian states who are interested in contacting CSA’s in their local area, can email us at and we’ll forward you contacts that exist in each state.

And remember, you are what you eat! (Do you want pesticides with that?).

  1. What’s on my menu for today? Well, I spotted some loelvy heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, and basil at the Farmers’ Market, so I’m all set to make the loelvy raw lasagna from the Raw Food, Real World cookbook. I look forward to making this recipe every summer.Brad has recommended this book also.Mmmm cheeseburgers!

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    • Yay! Thanks for the shout out! :-)Tomorrow is my third pick up-very exciting. Though I am a bit omwherelved-undertaking a whole share on my own (well, I do have Adam, but he’s a bit less veggiephilic than me) was a bit overzealous? My fridge (that I share with two roommates) is overflowing with greens and I’m struggling to get them all eaten, with my normal eat-out, order-in work-14-hour days lifestyle. This morning I woke up 30 minutes early to prepare my large dinner salad (three delicious types of lettuces) and brunch chard and broccoli fritatta to eat at work.We also have a hook up with other local farms that have grass finished beef, pastured poultry and eggs and fresh raw milk and cheeses. So last night at 1am, Adam and I were ordering meat, eggs and cheese for the freezer-the farmers link them up with the CSA, so next week in addition to my heaps of veggies, I’ll have steaks, eggs, chickens and cheese. I hope my roommates don’t kick me out for lack of fridge space!Thanks so much for all your help and advice-I definitely wouldn’t be eating this well if not for you!Oh, and I haven’t seen SATC yet (going tomorrow night) but I have a feeling that my life isn’t quite like theirs LOVE!

Near River Produce - Real food direct from our farm located on the NSW Mid North Coast