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Recent visitors to the Biodynamic Treechange website will have noticed the addition of a some new lists and links located on the left hand side of our website (yeah that’s it, scroll all the way down).

These reflect a slight shift in the content of this site, and this will become more apparent over the coming months as we ramp up the vegetable garden and CSA side of our venture. Spring is virtually upon us and it’s busy times ahead.

These new links are a great way to find similar web-sites and blogs to Biodynamic Treechange, so given that we are about ‘promoting sustainability and biodynamic organic market farming’, it makes sense to list them here.

Top 100 Garden Sites lists gardening sites with brief descriptions of each site, and they are ranked by visitor popularity.

Blotanical a site ‘where garden blogs bloom’ and provides a forum for garden blogger’s to interact.

The Foodie Blogroll similar to ‘Blotanical’ but in the food genre, and this one is extensive!

Best Green Blogs is a listing service for blogs that play in the environmental arena.

website contains quite a few other links, including some excellent
DVD’s, some ‘green’ action sites to visit, and a pretty broad photo
gallery that details our activities here at ‘Near River’.

If you
haven’t dropped by the website recently, we’d love you to check it out,
and as always, leave your comments, good or bad, in the area below the
post on the website. Maybe you have a favourite site that lists similar
blogs that you’d like to tell us about.Thanks.

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