I will have been away from the farm (and this blog) for a few days by the time you read this, as I’ve headed interstate to attend a weekend seminar and catch up with some friends along the way.

First asparagus 06.08.08The last thing I saw as I did my circuit of the market garden before I jumped in the car had me rush back and grab the camera.

Little plump asparagus spears poking their heads up through the mulch!

This is very exciting!

What seems like only last week, I posted about planting out our asparagus crowns in Who Is Mary Washington Anyway?, so to see these little beauties reaching for the sky already is surprising, but great none the less.

And now for the hardest part – not picking any of this year’s spears so the crowns can develop strongly for the years ahead.

Looks as though all the effort we put in to ensure the crowns had a great bed to start from will pay dividends.

Okay, that’s all for this post. I’m off on a roadtrip.

image credit organic maven

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