We have about a quarter of our garlic out of the ground, and we are racing against a large dump of rain due at the end of the week. The garlic that is still in the ground then may absorb too much of the water and split, making it usless for anything much aside from compost.

Today's photos show the harvested garlic laid out on our racks to allow it to dry and cure. Then comes the joyous task of topping and tailing each bulb and removing a couple of outer layers of the papery skin.

Be sure to head over to our online Farm Gate Shop and order some garlic now – we will be ready to start delivering by mid December.

  Racked garlic 04 11.10 Racked garlic 02 11.10
Racked garlic 03 11.10


  1. Thanks. Anyone who has cooked and eaten local Australian organic garlic will never go back to using the fumigated, bleached, dried imported stuff that the supermarkets pass off. This is sooo juicy, fresh and pungent – you need to know the curing shed smells divine at the moment!

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