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Therese and I left Sydney over three years ago now (Sept 2007) to follow our dream of owning a farm and producing organic food for our community.This blog and site was orginally begun as your window into what we were out to achieve, and how we would make a difference in the world through our commitment to be the most productive, efficient and profitable bio-dynamic farmers in the country, supplying the highest quality produce to our community.

This will be achieved by; 1) working in tandem with our environment, enhancing and repairing the surrounding area, being leaders in this field within the community; 2) having our enterprises be models on which others can learn from and replicate, and be a lasting contribution to society by demonstrating what is possible; and 3) having the food we grow and produce be the most nutritious, mouth-watering, gorgeous and delicious food ever tasted!


All of this will be achieved by using sustainable practices, minimising our impact on the planet and all of its inhabitants.

The content of the posts will primarily be about what we are doing on the farm and matters that relate to that, like organic food, bio-dynamics and community supported agriculture. We may wander slightly off topic to include material on sustainability, the environment, climate change and the like, but generally we’ll remain in the green arena.




I am a late 40’s passionate environmentalist, committed to transforming the way mankind is treating this planet, and I’m out to ensure that when I leave it, the Earth will be in better shape than when I arrived.

“The planet is not a gift from our parents, rather a loan from our children.”

Trained and experienced in (urban) horticulture, landscape design and natural area restoration, this farming venture is the realisation of a 30 year dream of mine – so to have be real in the world is both exhilarating and quite scary …. but sooo much fun! It is also the truest expression of who I am in the world.

Aside from the above, I’m a keen photographer, really enjoy cooking and tasting fine wine, and I love music. I have two awesome teenage children, Alex and Cooper.

“You can have an environment without an economy, but you can’t have an economy without an environment.”


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Email            Andrew        achearne(at)
                   Therese        therese.hearne(at)

Phone           Near River   (61 – 2) 6587 6004

Mobile          Andrew       (61 – 4) 1299 5256
                   Therese        (61 – 4) 3945 0110

Snail mail     ‘Near River’
                   1466 Pappinbarra Road
                   Hollisdale NSW 2446 Australia






1466 Land Management1466_logo_cropped_copy

Unlike many other land management consultancies,1466 Land Management offers solutions that are based on sound holistic environmental principles. “We prefer to apply sustainable and organic philosophies, but of course conventional practices can also be followed if required,” proprietor Andrew Hearne said.

Hearne boasts a wealth of experience in horticulture, landscape design, project management and more recently, in large scale natural area restoration, in metropolitan, regional and rural environments.

Based in the glorious Hastings Valley, 1466 Land Management plans and designs for both small and large properties, analyses site capability and soil tests, and carries out natural area restoration in the Hastings, Manning and Macleay valleys, with all other areas throughout New South Wales and South East Queensland considered individually.

Services provided by 1466 Land Management include:

  • Rural landscape design: whole-of-site planning, including site analysis and capability.
  • Horticultural consultancy: covering all factors affecting plant health – soils, nutrients, weeds, water.
  • Natural area restoration: including creek line restoration to shelter belt installation.
  • Project management: assisting with grant applications, installation of farm plans, and construction of broad scale landscapes.


        “Thank you, on behalf of all of us, for your initiative at the weekend. We want to acknowledge
         you for being prompt and getting straight to work, being clear, offering complete service,
        empowering us to get into the work, and knowing what there was / is to do. We look forward
        to having your contribution on a longer-term basis.”

        Michael Hollingworth, Mitchell’s Island, Taree

To find out how to have a beneficial and sustainable impact on your surrounding environment, contact us on
(02) 6587 6004 or 0412 995 256 or email


Near River Produce - Real food direct from our farm located on the NSW Mid North Coast